Monday, January 13, 2014

Ways to get involved:

1. Please join me and follow @save_revolution on twitter!
***PLEASE don't use any planned hashtags before their set time because it reduces the chance of trending. 

2. sign the petition and share it! We're trying to get the attention of other networks now!

3. Send an e-mail to Ted Sarandos who is in charge of what is shown on Netflix and ask him to consider picking up Revolution for season 3!

4. Check in to when you watch Revolution!

5. "Like" our facebook page! and let your friends know about it too! I also have an instagram for it @saverevolution and I do occasionally post on my tumblr (URL: monroehaspower) if you guys want to promote on there too!

6. Use your talents! If you're artsy and can make cool fanart or videos or anything to promote Revolution that would be awesome! Show the other networks how dedicated we are as fans!

7. Watch Revolution on Netflix! (& tell friends and family who aren't fans to get started!) Netflix has a spot for "popular on Netflix" and it would be cool to see Revolution up there!

8. IMDb! If you have an account, go to this link--> and give Revolution(as a series) 10 stars and each episode individually, 10 stars! If you don't have an account, it takes 5 seconds to make one :)

9. One idea was to contact different talk shows saying you want to see some Revolution cast members. Ask for Billy, Liz, Tracy, David, etc. and maybe something can come of it!
Here is a list of some twitter accounts of shows we can try contacting.
(You may also want to tweet the accounts of the hosts themselves, you never know, they COULD see it!)

You can also ask the writers about the possibility of starting a kickstarter campaign.

Our goal now is for other networks (SyFy, AMC, etc. and even Netflix) to see the fan dedication. They need to know that we won't go down without a fight! I know we can do this.
If you guys have any questions, comments, or your own ideas to help promote this show, please let me know and e-mail me at :D