Friday, May 9, 2014


I come bearing awful news and wonderful news.
The awful news is that NBC has cancelled Revolution.
The wonderful news is that we still have hope!

Many shows in the past, after being cancelled, have gone on to other networks and been even more successful. One example is JAG. It was on NBC for one year before they cancelled it and then it was picked up by CBS..for 9 more seasons. Now we are hoping that other networks can do the same for Revolution.
Warner Brothers owns Revolution and wanted to see this show get saved as much as we did.
I really think Revolution can be successful on another network where they are promoted properly, don't have such random and long breaks, and have support from the network.
You, the fans, have been so dedicated to this show and have fought so hard. We need a third season so this show isn't left in the dust and can have a proper ending.

The campaign now is "Relocate Revolution"
If Revolution can be picked up by either Netflix, CBS, ABC, FOX, CW, TNT, HBO, AMC, USA, etc. we can get ourselves a third season.
So, one place to go for update is right here:
This is a community forum you can sign up for where fans can discuss our next move in saving this show. We're working on gathering contact information for Warner Brothers as well as the other networks. Send e-mails, letters, tweets, anything you can to let them know fans will follow Revolution to their network if they pick it up.

*We also still have the petition up and running, it just has a new target. Sign it, share it, let the networks know we want it!

*Jon Favreau posted on facebook that he has talked to Eric Kripke about how fans want to save the show and move it to another network and they both said they are thankful for the support. We still have a shot, here! He and many other cast and crew members have been very supportive of this.

* You can send an e-mail to Ted Sarandos, he decides the shows that Netflix picks up! His email is When/If you write him, please be respectful and ask nicely for them to pick Revolution up for a third season! Just show him the dedication fans of this show have!

I'll make a separate page on here for network contact info and will be updating with more news as frequently as possible!

Remember why we fight! We're fighting for our show, the cast, & the crew! There is hope for us yet.
Now is when the real revolution begins.

(You guys are the greatest. Seeing the dedication this fandom has for the show is so amazing.)